Sageworks is now Abrigo.
Sageworks, Banker's Toolbox, and MainStreet Technologies are now Abrigo - giving you a single resource for your enterprise risk management needs. As a customer of Sageworks, you will continue to get the support you've always had, as well as access to new capabilities and expertise.


Sageworks Valuation Solution

Streamline calculation and valuation engagements

Save time while performing valuations modeled after SSVS No. 1 standards, using a web-based software that follows the income, market and asset approaches to generate an accurate value.

Scale a valuation practice

Sageworks consultants help your firm integrate Sageworks Valuation Solution into existing processes to generate growth.

“We considered other software solutions, but Sageworks Valuation Solution came out on top. The Sageworks Consulting team provides fantastic support and helped us get up to speed quickly with the software.”

John Sacht
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

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Disclaimer: Sageworks has a marketing relationship with the AICPA. The Sageworks Valuation solution, while being modeled after SSVS No. 1 standards, is in no way endorsed or preferred by the AICPA. Further, the AICPA and its subsidiaries are not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained herein.