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Sageworks Valuation

Sageworks Valuation will help you reduce risk and save time in performing compliant valuations. Go beyond simple calculation engagements and estimates to get a true value that will help you comply with AICPA Standards.

Organization. Easily save all of your documents in one place and come back to them later with the Document Organizer.

Accuracy. Sageworks Valuation uses the main three approaches to ensure the most accurate valuation possible.

Flexibility. Sageworks Valuation offers a built-in report writer for you to easily generate a report for your clients after each valuation, saving time and money.

Other Key Features & Benefits

  • Operating on the web, updates are seamless and require no hardware install or memory
  • Flexibility to customize all calculations
  • Get on the road to SSVS 1 compliance – avoid time wasted with incorrect valuations and reduce the risk of an IRS Audit
  • Auto populate public company data and pull in Pratt Stat and BizComp data
  • Web-based operation means you can access your data and perform a valuation from anywhere with internet access
  • Only valuation solution that uses Sageworks Industry Data – the largest database of real-time private company data in the U.S.
  • Valuation is built on a stand-alone system, so you don't have to worry about Excel sheet errors or bad calculations
  • Easy navigation to enhance user experience