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Sageworks, Banker's Toolbox, and MainStreet Technologies are now Abrigo - giving you a single resource for your enterprise risk management needs. As a customer of Sageworks, you will continue to get the support you've always had, as well as access to new capabilities and expertise.
  • How banks, credit unions can prepare for fintech disruption

    Community banks and credit unions face more competition and disruption than ever before. In an interview for the eBook, Agile Bankers – How Community Banks are Addressing Disruption, Risk and Growth, Tom Bugielski, CEO of Republic Bank of Chicago, says, “The retail banking challenge that we face today is something…
  • How does artificial intelligence change banking, and how can community banks prepare?

    Artificial intelligence (AI), or the development of computer systems to perform human-like tasks, like decision-making and speech recognition, is a fairly divisive topic. Sometimes, the uncertainty surrounding AI can be met with anxiety, fearing that one’s job or industry may be overtaken by automation. On the other hand, AI is…