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The Private Company Report

Sageworks releases a quarterly Private Company Report, which provides a snapshot of U.S. private-company performance. The report also includes data for four key sectors (construction, retail, manufacturing, and wholesale). This report is released at 8:30am ET on the last Monday of every quarter. To receive the report by email, sign up for our data releases.

About the private company report

Sageworks releases a quarterly report on the state of privately held companies in America. It includes metrics on the average privately held, U.S. company, as well as the performance of notable sectors and industries.

Since private companies drive roughly 50 percent of private nonfarm GDP and approximately 65 percent of new job creation in the United States, private-company financial performance as measured in this indicator is a gauge of the health of the wider U.S. economy. 

Each data point in the Private Company Report and in the Private Company Indicator represents the average for all private companies in Sageworks' database that had a financial statement end during the past six months. The "Metric in Focus" section of the report, however, looks at annual statements filed during the past 12 months. Read more about our data.

Sageworks also regularly publishes data releases with private company statistics shown in conjunction with economic news and employment, retail, construction, and gross domestic product data. Our most recent report releases are available below, but the full archive can be found on our data and press releases page.

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