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The Secret to These Triple-Digit Growth Companies

By Kristie Poon, May 2, 2017

Triple-digit growth has become a metaphorical pot at the end of a rainbow: magical, enticing, and difficult to obtain. While rare, several companies manage to achieve the moniker, finding the right combination of product, sales, marketing — and luck — to push them to enviable levels of growth. Though the headlines succinctly display the feat, triple-digit growth is a major challenge. The stress of hyper-growth can make or break a business, but these 3 small and medium-sized businesses make it seem easy. Read on to learn the secret ingredients to their success.

Sageworks expands its customer base by 500%

Sageworks is a financial information company that provides lending, credit risk, and portfolio risk solutions to financial institutions, as well as financial analysis and valuation applications to accounting firms and private companies. Although the company has been established in the accounting industry since 1998, Sageworks knew it had a huge opportunity on their hands by expanding into a new market: providing products and services to banks and credit unions that help commercial lenders lower costs and improve the borrower experience.

How did they do it? By bringing together sales, service, and marketing on one platform with Salesforce, Sageworks entered the new market and scaled quickly and efficiently. The team has benefited in all areas, from onboarding and product development to collaboration between sales and marketing. Client onboarding time has been reduced by more than 70% with Service Cloud. And they can boast that 99.5% of callers get a live person on the phone through their support line.

“Our team has seen consistent 30% year over year revenue growth, and our customer base has grown by 500% since implementing Salesforce,” says Brian Drumm, Director of Sales Operations at Sageworks.

Boost your business 100%

So the secret to these companies triple-digit success? Growing on the right technology that connects all your business workflows — sales, service, marketing, and IT — all on one, trusted platform. Salesforce helps you find customers, win their business, and keep them happy so you can grow faster than ever. With Salesforce’s out-of-the-box solutions, growing businesses can easily implement cutting-edge technology and connect everything they use to run their businesses. Learn about the Salesforce advantage in this fun interactive piece.

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