Sageworks is now Abrigo.
Sageworks, Banker's Toolbox, and MainStreet Technologies are now Abrigo - giving you a single resource for your enterprise risk management needs. As a customer of Sageworks, you will continue to get the support you've always had, as well as access to new capabilities and expertise.

Loan Application

Increase efficiency & loan volume

To give business borrowers the experience they want, banks and credit unions look toward digital applications that expedite loan turnaround. They also need internal processes that scale to allow the institution to grow. Sageworks Loan Application turns the institution’s website into a digital branch that is efficient for lending staff and allows borrowers to complete applications at their convenience online.

Digital branch

  • Expand market reach via a digital channel


  • Convenient for your customers
  • Increase your footprint without investing in physical branches
  • Monitor the online pipeline

Download Overview

Easy application

  • Customers use the portal to enter application information


  • Lower administrative costs of originating and renewing a loan
  • Reduced data entry for lenders
  • Shorten the loan process to gain a competitive edge with faster turn around times

Leverage data

  • Instantly import loan data into Sageworks’ end-to-end platform


  • Achieve greater efficiency in underwriting, approving, documenting, pricing, risk rating and stress
  • Reduce errors caused by disparate data sources
  • Maintain top-notch credit-risk analysis & standards

Loan Automation

Win Loans Faster

Sageworks Loan Automation is a customizable, relationship-based automation tool allowing bankers to make informed loan decisions quickly, respond to customers automatically and notify designated users and borrowers of next steps.

Why Sageworks?

Hear from a Client

Eric Bergevin of West Town Bank & Trust turned to Sageworks Loan Application to grow his loan portfolio in a scalable and customer-centric way.

“Like other banks, we were looking for ways to grow the loan portfolio, and to do that we needed a process that’s both scalable and customer-centric. With Sageworks Loan Application we can meet those objectives, reduce inefficient back and forth communication, eliminate manual steps for our lenders, and expedite the process so we get back to borrowers more quickly.”

Eric Bergevin
President & CEO
West Town Bank & Trust