Sageworks is now Abrigo.
Sageworks, Banker's Toolbox, and MainStreet Technologies are now Abrigo - giving you a single resource for your enterprise risk management needs. As a customer of Sageworks, you will continue to get the support you've always had, as well as access to new capabilities and expertise.

Generate Accurate Valuations

Follow a simple, repeatable process to save time and avoid errors

Case Studies

Bolstering a CPA’s Role as a Trusted Advisor

Richard Burchill, CPA, provides small-business accounting and tax services, personal financial planning, valuations and strategic business planning. He leverages Sageworks Valuation Solution to establish advisory relationships by providing information on current business value and on how various business changes could affect the future value.

Building Valuation Consulting Services

Midwest Genesis, a full-service M&A consulting firm, uses Sageworks Valuation Solution to help business owners understand the gap between the perceived worth of a business and that business’s true value, which helps Midwest Genesis provide additional benefits to the clients by acting as a trusted advisor.

Saving Time by Simplifying Workflow

Brickley DeLong, a full-service public accounting and business consulting firm, uses Sageworks Valuation Solution to cut project time by as much as 25%. Accessibility plays a big role in the firm’s activities, and Sageworks’ software allows employees to access valuation projects from any computer.

Business Brokerage Offers Valuation and Grows

Innovative Business Advisors is a full-service business brokerage company based in Illinois. Providing valuation services helps the firm add value as a trusted advisor.