Sageworks possesses a broad and expandable technology that allows for customizable enterprise solutions. We strive to help companies cut costs, improve efficiency and increase revenue. We have successfully built custom expert systems, adapted our existing platforms, licensed industry data and established synergies with companies in our existing markets.

Expert Systems

Sageworks develops expert systems that allow for rapid financial analysis and interpretation as well as the aggregation of financial data. This technology can be customized to fit a need where companies require automation to analyze data or interpret that data compared to benchmarks. Our expert systems are powered by Sageworks’ patented “FIND” engine, which converts financial numbers into meaningful, analytical text. This technology is used in financial institutions and CPA firms for a variety of purposes, including lending decisions, portfolio management and risk assessment.

Industry Data

Using our cooperative data model, we compare key performance indicators and financial data across industries, states, zip codes and a variety of other segments. We analyze thousands of financial statements per day in real-time, which ensures that Sageworks’ reporting is the most up-to-date source of industry data available. We integrate with partners to provide customized benchmarking and reporting data on industry segments to suit your business needs.

API Network

Partners and financial institutions can connect with the Sageworks Banking Platform through the Sageworks API Network, which bridges different data sources and applications to bring information and insights into one easy-to-use interface.

Sageworks also partners with providers of complementary services and products in the financial institutions market to more comprehensively serve financial institution clients. Read about our ongoing banking partnerships.

To learn more about how Sageworks might help your organization, contact our Enterprise Team.