Citation Guidelines

Sageworks possesses a proprietary database of financial statement information for privately held companies [hereinafter, the “Data”]. The Data is protected for the benefit of Sageworks by various state, federal, and international laws, including, but not limited to, laws granting copyright protections to Sageworks. The Data can be used by media organizations, educational institutions, and research professionals looking to gain an understanding of how U.S. companies are performing. However, all parties using the Data must cite Sageworks in accordance with the following guidelines:

Rules for use and Citation of Sageworks Data

  • Unless permission is expressly granted by Sageworks in writing, the use of the Data for any commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. The phrase “commercial purposes” means that any use of the Data which enables a party to generate revenue or other valuable consideration would be an express violation of the copyright laws which provide Sageworks with protection against infringing uses.
  • Any use of the Data in any form must be attributed to Sageworks in the following manner: “Sageworks, a financial information company (”.  The use must also include a description of the time period covered by the Data.  Failing to cite to Sageworks when using the Data is an infringement of Sageworks’ copyright. Using the Data for a commercial purpose and citing to Sageworks does not cure the infringing use.
  • Sageworks has a team of analysts who are available to speak with members of the media about trends in Sageworks’ data. If the words or analyses of Sageworks’ analysts are used in any manner, or relied upon to form any portion of any article, column, blog post or other publication, attribution to both Sageworks and the analyst must be referenced.
  • For any questions about these citation practices and guidelines, please contact our Data & Research team.