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Executive Report

Sageworks is a financial analysis suite that turns financial statements into plain language reports. The Executive Report uses ratio and trend analysis as well as industry comparisons to analyze a company's financial health. An additional solution, Projection, can be included, which produces forecasts for a company and allows for "what if" planning.

How Sageworks Can Help
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Share Understandable Financial Information

Use the plain language report to make complicated financial information understandable for non-financial colleagues, investors, or executives.

Identify Problem Areas

Before they become a problem, spot areas of concern, and use the recommendations for improvement to minimize potential problems.

Easily Prepare for Presentations

Export the report to a slideshow format and quickly show board members and executives how a company is performing in liquidity, profitability, sales, borrowing, assets, and employees.

Compare a Company to Industry Peers

Measure how the business is performing relative to other private companies in the industry and region.

Also available with Sageworks:

Forecast Cash Flow with Sageworks Projection

Generate "what-if" scenarios for the business and see impact on cash and other accounts, using Sageworks Projection. View Sample