Infographic: Is your firm future ready?

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With 90 percent of accounting firms acknowledging that the digital future is rapidly approaching, it is crucial that firms prepare themselves for the collision of trends that will drive the future of the industry. A fast future of new competitive advantages that will drive productivity and progress in the industry are right around the corner. By getting on board with the upcoming technological changes, firms can use these competitive advantages to grow their firms and deepen client relationships. Among these advantages is using technology to automate less lucrative compliance services, in order to spend more time providing more lucrative advisory services. 


Leaders that fail to adapt fast enough will not survive the onslaught of disruptive changes. With only 10 percent of accountants viewing themselves as technologically innovative, it is important to assess your firm’s disposition to the upcoming industry changes. With disruptive innovations driving the accounting industry by 2025, all firms need to be future ready. Here is a glimpse into the future readiness of the accounting profession:


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