Poll: Do you currently have a specialty niche?

Posted by Sageworks

Nancy Fox recently hosted a webinar, Targeted Networking for Bigger and Better Lead Generation, which discussed how accountants can generate leads through in-person networking. Fox, Founder and President of The Business Fox, provides strategies for how to generate new leads.

During the presentation, finance professionals were polled on if they have a specialty niche. Almost 55 percent of respondents expressed that they do have an industry niche, while almost 45 percent expressed they do not.

Niche poll graph

Fox stresses the importance of finding an industry niche in order to network more efficiently and ultimately boost the profitability of your firm. In addition, she provides the resources and tools to find the right networking venues for your ideal client.

Watch the full on-demand webinar to learn more about developing and industry niche. You can also find more information in our whitepaper on generating quality leads.

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