What is the biggest source of traffic for accounting firms?

Posted by Sageworks

Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk, president of bbr marketing, recently hosted a webinar for Sageworks, How to Generate Leads through the Web. In this webinar, Bonnie provided key strategies for improving your firm’s presence on social media, as well as other content marketing strategies.

During the presentation, finance professionals were polled on what they think is the biggest source of web traffic for professional service firms. Almost 40% of respondents expressed search engine optimization, followed closely behind by 33 percent expressing social media.

However, according to data from bbr marketing, the biggest source of traffic for B2B websites is actually blogging. Bonnie stresses the importance of developing a blog for your firm and providing links back to your site within your posts. Search engine optimization was the second largest source of traffic for professional service firms, showing the importance of developing an SEO campaign for your firm. Watch the full on-demand webinar to learn more lead generation strategies for your firm.

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