Poll: Does your firm have a formal client service plan?

Posted by Sageworks

ProfitCents by Sageworks recently hosted a webinar, Cross-sell accounting services: How to identify opportunities to sell more accounting services to existing clients, which discussed how to lay a foundation for your accounting firm’s sustainable growth by cross-selling services to your existing client base. Lauren Prosser, Director of ProfitCents Professional Services, outlines how to do so through “The Discovery Process.” 

During the presentation, finance professionals were polled on if their firm has a formal client service plan. Almost 84% of respondents expressed that they do not have a formal client service plan in place.



Prosser details how having a formal client service plan can add value to your firm and facilitate growth by doing the following:

1. Shift the focus to the source of value/need, not symptoms

2. Develop a client-centric defintion of value and measurement of success

3. Create a partnership which facitilates cross-serving

4. Stop building of barriers

Watch the full webinar on-demand to learn how to identify opportunities to sell more accounting services. You can also find more information in our whitepaper on cross-selling services.

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