Sageworks Information Security

Information security is our top priority at Sageworks. In serving the banking and financial community for nearly 20 years, we have become experts at data management, and we continue to invest in technology and additional data-security precautions.

  • Sageworks owns and operates our environment – we have full visibility at every layer as the data traverses our systems. This allows us to closely monitor the data and the users accessing it. Other solutions with external cloud providers lack full transparency and management of the environment, increasing the due diligence burden for the financial institution.

  • The Sageworks SaaS delivery model provides our clients with a seamless recovery strategy in the event they experience an extended disruption or disaster at their facilities. Clients can access our environment from any location with a web browser, and clients are not responsible for providing any recovery infrastructure or resources as they would with an installed solution.

  • We are experts in data management. With a large footprint in the financial institution market, we have expertise in protecting data and understanding the data security challenges presented at financial institutions. We take our role as a critical vendor to our clients very seriously. We provide clients with a comprehensive due diligence package and are committed to staying on the leading edge of data and cybersecurity.

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