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Credit Risk Readiness:  One Decade After the Recession

About the Presenter

Linda Keith, CPA, Credit Risk Consultant and Trainer, Linda Keith CPA Inc.

Linda Keith CPA helps you improve credit risk readiness, from credit culture to loan origination. A repeat presenter at Sageworks conferences and webinars, Linda focuses on actionable insights to allow you to significantly improve credit risk readiness at your financial institution.

At the loan origination level, she helps lending professionals say “yes” to good loans by understanding and using tax returns and financial statements. Lending and credit professionals look to the over 100 answers to their questions on her website,

Linda is the founder of which provides Global Tax Return Analysis training, at your fingertips.

Linda Keith CPA Inc commissioned the 2018 Credit Risk Readiness Study and she shares the results at banking conferences and internally for banks and credit unions. Read the full report at