Upcoming Bank Webinars

Sageworks regularly hosts free webinars on a variety of banking topics, including regulatory changes and lending best practices. Many of these sessions also feature industry consultants. On-demand webinars are also available below and through the archive.

Upcoming Webinars

Group Demo: How Community Institutions Build Stronger Relationships with CRM Software

August 16 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Join us for a demonstration of Sageworks Relationship Manager, a CRM built hand-in-hand with financial institutions. The software gives a complete 360 degree view of relationships and is fully integrated with the entire lending process, allowing for time-savings and several other benefits.

Best Practices for Running and Validating a CECL Model

August 21 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Join both Tim McPeak from Sageworks and the president of Smarter Risk Management to learn how to to understand CECL, run a model and have it successfully validated.

How to Create Projections for C&I Lending

August 30 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Join Rick Dailey, Credit Risk Consultant at Sageworks and former board member of First United Bank & Trust Oakland, MD, as he walks through the importance of using projections in the commercial lending process, how to choose assumptions for your projections, and ways to go about building scenarios to forecast possible outcomes.

Featured On-Demand Webinars

Writing Effective and Efficient Credit Memos

Documenting a credit decision and its rationale is a basic tenet of credit risk management. The quality of such documentation can vary widely, even within an institution. This session explores the constituents who rely upon credit memos, key characteristics that make strong memos, and how software can improve efficiency.

CECL: Hidden Complexities for Credit Unions

Join Jared Mills of the Sageworks Advisory Group as he discusses the hidden complexities when simple, expedient approaches for measurement under the CECL accounting standard are applied to credit union loan portfolios.

Time Well Spent: Maximizing Value of Global Cash Flow

Join Sageworks’ Mike McCaffery as he explores the Global Cash Flow Analysis and provides insights into the value of the calculation to an institution that wants to reduce borrower risk.

Strategies for Effective Change Management

Join Chance Castellucio of Sageworks for this webinar as he discusses change management with tools and strategies to help prepare your financial institution as it implements changes in the lending process.

CECL: The Hidden Complexities to Simple Approaches For Community Institutions

In this one-hour webinar, Garver Moore of the Sageworks Advisory Group will discuss the hidden complexities when simple, expedient approaches for measurement under the CECL accounting standard are applied to portfolios from $10MM to $10B.

Streamlining the New Fair Value Disclosure Requirement

Watch this webinar about the new Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) disclosure requirement that makes several material changes to the U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Among the changes are new requirements for determining the fair value disclosure of financial institutions’ loan portfolios.

Supporting Growth with Effective Challenge

Watch Alison Trapp of Sageworks and Ancin Cooley of Synergy Bank Consulting LLC for this webinar as we discuss how effective challenge supports growth in the financial institution.

Navigating Loan Pool Segmentation under CECL

Watch Sageworks Executive Risk Management Consultant Rob Ashbaugh as he discusses how to revisit loan pools for ALLL calculations under CECL.

CECL for Community Banks: The Practical Path

As the transition to CECL moves ever closer, many smaller financial institutions have started to grapple with how to apply the new standard to their ALLL process in a practical way. This webinar will focus on the key elements of the standard they need to consider as they plan their path forward and ways they can begin to prepare now. Specific topics will include portfolio segmentation, available loss rate methods, qualitative factors, and forecasts.

Reclaiming Your SMB Lending Market

When faced with the prospect of a $1 million CRE loan or a $40,000 small business loan, most community institutions have had to focus resources on the larger CRE deal. As a result, small business borrowers have had to seek out alternative means. With the right processes and technology in place, however, community institutions can reclaim their relationship with small business (SMB) borrowers. In this webinar, Sageworks explains how, with appropriate resources, small business lending can become a profitable segment and opportunity for growth.

Part 1: A Guide to Implementing Credit Policy

Credit risk policy should be both stable and dynamic to meet the needs of the organization. Stable in that the underlying premises on which the policy is built should not change haphazardly. Dynamic in that the bank needs flexibility to meet changing market conditions while maintaining its credit culture. This webinar will explore the process that moves an institution from policy to practice.

How to Improve Profitability of Loan Pricing Models

With slim net interest margins in the competitive loan market, it is important for financial institutions to make sure their loans are profitable and priced in line with bank strategy. In this session, learn how bringing relationship data, risk, structure, revenue and costs into your pricing model can improve loan profitability.

The High Cost of Originating a Small Business Loan

The average cost to originate a business loan is estimated to be $5,000, no matter the amount of the loan. As a result, smaller loans tend to be less profitable than larger loans. To lower costs and improve the borrower’s experience, some lenders are changing their process and deploying automation. Watch to learn what these banks are doing to improve profitability.

Credit Unions: Actionable Steps to Prepare for CECL Today

FASB’s guidance for estimating expected credit losses will not require a journal entry until fiscal year-ends beginning after mid-December 2020. However, our success at that point is predicated on decisions made yesterday and today In this webinar, Sageworks takes credit unions through an action plan that includes practical steps.

CECL Methodology Webinar Series

In this webinar series, Sageworks consultants present the fundamental methodologies that institutions will use with the CECL model and shows examples of how the calculation may vary by loan pool. Access all the recordings to see how to apply expected credit loss estimations to loan concentrations.

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