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The Process Improvement Process

A search for “process improvement” on Amazon, even limited to hardcover books, yields over 800 results. Each has its own nuance, but ultimately they share common elements: figuring out what the problem really is, deciding how to fix it, and making sure the fixes last.

Rather than expound upon these themes yet again, this whitepaper seeks to demonstrate those principles in action using a case study, progressing through the building blocks of process improvement: Plan, Analyze, Design, Implement, and Control. The case study illustrates how improving a process is a process in itself. Using this process can make an otherwise overwhelming task manageable. Time spent early in the process on planning and analyzing the drivers of a situation will provide direction for the entire project.

The principles of process improvement can be applied to lending to improve efficiency. Increased efficiency allows banks and credit unions to grow without adding new resources, or to better compete by providing potential borrowers with credit decisions quickly.

Download to learn:

  • An approach to working through process improvement
  • Tools for analyzing process concern
  • Ways to monitor process improvements

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