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SMB Loan Renewals: Opportunities to improve efficiency and increase earnings

Today’s small business loan renewal process takes too long, costs too much, and results in lower client satisfaction. This is not a winning approach in an increasingly competitive future. In fact, those that maintain the status quo will miss earnings growth as clients move their business relationship, including critical core deposits and fees, to an institution that can renew their loan fast and easily and with no credit interruption. Technology adds significant workflow efficiency gains and a reduction in labor investment to the process of renewing performing small business loans. Incorporating technology to shrink the labor- and paper-intensive steps in a loan renewal process can reduce the labor investment per loan by more than 90% or $2,159.

Download to learn:

  • Reduce labor investment by more than 90% per loan
  • Increase speed in the renewal process while maintaining credit quality
  • Build consistency in the loan process to improve efficiency

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