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Webinar Archive

Sageworks regularly hosts free webinars on a variety of banking topics, including regulatory changes and how they impact banks and credit unions and best practices in portfolio risk management and credit analysis. See upcoming webinars or browse the archive of recordings below.

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Operations & Management

Addressing Changing Regulations and Compliance Issues

Compliance issues are one of the top issues for banks and credit unions, and the constantly changing regulations pose problems for institutions trying to keep up. Sageworks and Chuck Marshall, Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) and manager at Kennedy and Coe, LLC with over 20 years of experience in the banking industry, share best practices for staying ahead of the regulators.

Busting API Myths at the Intersection of Banking and FinTech

There are many different ideas on how APIs can help fintechs and financial institutions scale efficiently. However, certain misconceptions or “myths” have created false or confusing expectations. Join Sageworks’ Paul Kasinski, an IT expert, as he examines these myths and shares practical tools on how to find and leverage an API.

Concerns Examiners Have About Your Spreadsheets and How to Respond

Over the past two decades, bankers have become heavily reliant upon spreadsheets for underwriting decisions as well as risk management reporting. Despite its popularity, the “spreadsheet approach” entails a considerable number of drawbacks and limitations in both endeavors. Jay Gallo, partner at RMPI Consulting, and Sageworks consultants discuss best practices, common pitfalls and examiners’ concerns related to using spreadsheets and how some banks and credit unions address those concerns.

Data-Driven Banking: Leveraging Data for Risk Management

“Big data” is a phrase we often hear in the news as revolutionizing nearly every industry. This technology is making its way into banking – and not just in FinTech and large, national financial institutions. Data can be captured and analyzed locally by banks and credit unions of any size to build better and more informed insights into risk, portfolio composition and strategic planning. This webinar details various aspects of data storage and quality, common pitfalls, impact on the ALLL and how to leverage data to minimize subjectivity in the ALLL.

Eliminating Manual Data Entry: Best Practices in Document Management

A key challenge banks and credit unions face in the loan origination and administration process is document management. From collection to data entry, borrower documents are often a major bottleneck. View this webinar to see a demonstration of the patented, award-winning Sageworks Electronic Tax Return Reader.

The Process Improvement Process

Join Alison Trapp from Sageworks Advisory Service team as she walks through the common steps of a process improvement system and applies them to a case study. The case study client, Goose Bank, may be fictional, but the challenges it faces are not.

Tips, Tricks and Tools to Mitigate Top Operational Risks

Banks and credit unions face a variety of risks related to their lending business. One often overlooked but an impactful form of risk is operational risk that can occur in the day to day workings at the institution. During this webinar, Rob Ashbaugh of Sageworks discusses how to implement reporting and dashboards to identify and mitigate risks in the loan origination process.