About Us

Sageworks is a financial information company that provides commercial lending, credit risk and portfolio risk solutions to financial institutions and provides financial analysis and valuation applications to accounting firms and private companies. Through these markets, we have created the largest real-time database of private-company financial information in the United States, analyzed over 9 million loans and aggregated the corresponding loan data.

Since being founded in 1998, Sageworks’ mission has been to improve the success rate of small businesses in the United States. We started by enabling accounting firms to provide accurate and easy-to-understand financial analysis to their clients. Then, in 2006, we expanded our solutions to help community banks and credit unions more efficiently lend to commercial borrowers and grow their business communities. Now, several thousand accounting firms and over 1,000 financial institutions leverage Sageworks in their operations.

Sageworks is privately owned and has never raised institutional capital. Many of our founding employees continue to lead the company. Consequently, we can operate independently and focus on what is important: providing exceptional customer service, building innovative solutions and helping private companies succeed. We take our clients’ experience seriously and on average, management meets with more than 400 clients per year to get direct feedback on technology improvements. In addition, Sageworks prides itself on answering the phone; 99.65 percent of people who call in for customer support talk to a live person on the phone.

View the videos below to learn more about Sageworks from some of our executives.

What is it like to work at Sageworks?
What makes customer service at Sageworks different?
What makes Sageworks' products unique?
How is customer feedback gathered and used at Sageworks?