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Our Technology

Sageworks develops innovative solutions that make financial data easier to understand. This includes two patented technologies that power our banking and ProfitCents platforms.

We also like to build and partner with other organizations to find new opportunities and efficiencies. To learn more about our existing technology or a customized solution, see our information for enterprise partners.

Patented Find™ Engine

This expandable technology allows for the rapid analysis, interpretation and aggregation of financial data. We use artificial intelligence (AI) — including thousands of expert system rules, thousands of text pages and industry benchmark data — to quickly and accurately convert financial data into unique narrative reports. As data changes, the narrative updates to one of 32 trillion possible report combinations to reflect the new business reality. In short, all of our technologies have been developed to be “smart”.

Patent Number 6,968,316 — “Systems, Methods, and Computer Program Products for Producing Narrative Financial Analysis Reports.”

Patented Electronic Tax Return Reader

The Sageworks Electronic Tax Return Reader (ETRR) is a patented technology that extracts financial data from electronically produced PDF tax returns. As a result, financial professionals can import data rather than enter it by hand, saving an average of 20 minutes per return and increasing data quality. Unlike Optical Character Recognition, ETRR has a high level of accuracy because it uses X-Y coordinates built into the tax form to locate numbers.

In minutes, lenders can spread all the business, financial and real estate data from a 100-page return and use that information for an accurate credit decision. Accounting firms leverage the technology to quickly turn tax-prep clients into prospective consulting clients.

Patent Number 9,418,315 — “Systems, Methods, and Computer Readable Media for Extracting Data from Portable Document Format (PDF) Files.”