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Is access to credit improving for businesses?

Results of the Federal Reserve’s December survey of loan officers could be released today, perhaps providing insight as to whether banks have eased standards on commercial and industrial loans recently. [More]


Huffington Post: "Private businesses are improving, but a big unknown lurks"

Like a glacier, once the U.S. economy starts moving in one direction, it tends to keep moving that way. It takes many events to move it in another direction, and this usually takes some time. [More]


Companies’ sights on controlling costs

Private companies in the U.S. have kept a tight rein on overhead expenses, even as sales have risen, an analysis of companies' financial statements by Sageworks shows. [More]


CNBC Street Signs: Manufacturing Momentum

Sageworks CEO Brian Hamilton recently chatted with CNBC news anchor Brian Sullivan about Sageworks data showing that privately owned manufacturers are gaining momentum.


5 tips for creating a successful business in 2012

Privately held companies historically create 80% of new jobs in the U.S., and many of the 27 million private companies are one-person shows. They're sole proprietors with an idea, striking out on their own or creating a business out of difficult circumstances, such as a layoff or a life-changing event.


Trucking sales have picked up

While other parts of the U.S. economy stagger along the road to recovery, the trucking industry is cruising along, performing better than the economy at large. Sales at privately owned general freight and specialized freight trucking companies are up  more than 14 percent over the last 12 months, according to a financial statement analysis of privately held companies by Sageworks. [More]


CFO Corner: Layoff alternatives in a tough climate

Ellen Howlett, CFO of AGM Container Controls Inc., a Tucson, Ariz., manufacturer, discusses how her company has avoided layoffs and the benefits of Employee Stock-Ownership Plans.


Private companies paying bills later - Sageworks Stats @

U.S. companies continued to guard their cash flows despite increasing sales in 2011, reflecting continued uncertainty in the economic recovery and slower paying customers. Privately held businesses, which account for up to 70 percent of GDP and generate 80 percent of new jobs, stretched their average time for making payments to the highest level in a decade. [More]


CFO Corner: Launching an expansion

Andrew Schrage, CFO and co-founder of Money Crashers, a personal finance site, talks about launching an expansion and the importance of sticking to your founding principles. [More]


What hiring will 2012 bring?

The key to improved hiring will be businesses’ attitudes about adding workers, and financial information company Sageworks recently found some encouraging data. [More]