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What hiring will 2012 bring?

The key to improved hiring will be businesses’ attitudes about adding workers, and financial information company Sageworks recently found some encouraging data. [More]


Are things getting better for small business?

After months of understandable pessimism, small business owners caught a bit of holiday-time cheer. By most measures, recent retail sales have been better than analysts expected going into the 2011 holiday season. [More]


ABC News - Economy 2011: Signs point to slow improvement

Nearing the year-end, analysts weighed in on the economic improvement (or lack thereof) experienced in 2011. Brian Hamilton, CEO of Sageworks, a financial information company, spoke with ABC's Richard Davies to weigh in on the performance of privately held companies over the past year when factors such as the unemployment rate remained weak. [More]


Private auto dealers wrap up growth year - Sageworks Stats on

Auto sales should keep on trucking into 2012, according to some industry experts. And that’s good news for privately owned auto dealers, which are in their second year of double-digit sales growth, according to an analysis of financial statements by Sageworks Inc. [More]


The customer knows best: Juice your sales with customer insight

Market research, customer insight – they both mean tapping into a business’s greatest resource: its customer base. Many companies are still struggling to grow revenue in the slow-growing economy, and they’re looking for new ways to do that. One possible way is to use customer insight. [More]


Americans are back in “stuff-getting” mode

“Things are going well, almost across the board with private company retailers,” Brian Hamilton of Sageworks said Monday, speaking on the radio network’s The Daily Wrap show. “As a society, we continue to buy more stuff. We’re stuff getters, and it looks like we’re back in that mode.” [More]


Advertising, public relations agencies grow - Sageworks Stats @

U.S. ad spending growth might be looking tepid this year and next, but private companies in the advertising services business are experiencing their second year of double-digit sales growth, according to Sageworks Inc. [More]


Forbes - Sageworks Stats: Where the jobs are

November's job report Friday held positive news in the lower unemployment rate even though employers added fewer workers to their payrolls than had been forecast and average hourly earnings ticked down by 0.1 percent.


Pump up profitability

U.S. consumer confidence improved in November from last month. But with the failure of Congress's supercommittee to reach an agreement on the deficit and unemployment still around 9 percent, consumers - who generate 70 percent of all economic activity - may remain uncertain about the future. [More]


Holiday retail sales off to solid start

Online retail sales today are expected to set a record after Black Friday weekend sales surpassed even the rosiest outlooks and showed shoppers turned out and spent in record numbers. [More]