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(Temporary) Help wanted, apparently - SageworksStats on

June unemployment in the U.S. was flat, and nearly a third of jobs added were in the temporary-help services industry, a field that has shown strong growth over the last 12 months, according to data from Sageworks Inc. “During the last 12 months, privately held employment service firms have seen their revenues grow by almost 20 percent annually, which far outpaces the average annual growth of around 10 percent for private companies across all industries,” said Sageworks analyst Libby Bierman. “That sales growth validates what the employment numbers released this morning showed—the economy has recently been adding a lot of temporary jobs, which are positions that employment service firms routinely fill.” [More]


Business booming for IT providers

Facebook’s (NYSE:FB) troubled initial public offering, as well as cautious financial outlooks by tech giants Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) and Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) in recent weeks have some traders of technology stocks worrying that the tech boom may be over. But at least for privately held companies involved in computer systems design and related services, business remains strong, according to recent sales and profit margin data from Sageworks, a financial information company. [More]


Companies' cash tied up in inventory, slow payers

Later customer payments and slower moving inventory have combined to tie up private companies’ cash 16 percent longer than just three years ago, according to recent data from Sageworks Inc., a financial information company. That’s money companies don’t have in the bank to hire or buy new equipment, even though sales and profit margins this year are up. [More]


Private-company sales, margin growth continue - Sageworks Stats @

Privately held U.S. companies – the millions of businesses that drive job creation and GDP –are growing sales so far this year at about the same rate as they did for all of 2011, according to recent data from Sageworks Inc., a financial information company. [More]


It wasn't overnight, but private hotels have turned around

Privately owned hotels have weathered a difficult recession and are back on a profitable path. The industry posted positive net profit margins in 2011 for the first time in three years, and sales increased about 8 percent, according to a financial statement analysis of privately owned hotels by Sageworks. [More]


Who's hiring?

Last week's jobs report showed that fewer-than-expected positions were added in March, stoking concern that the economy isn’t growing fast enough. But several industries that have driven a lot of the hiring over the last year continued to add workers last month.

Who’s been hiring, and which industries have the kind of business fundamentals that could pave the way for adding more jobs? [More]


19 banks stress tested, but what about the rest?

Only 19 of the nation’s roughly 7,400 commercial banks were involved earlier this year in the Federal Reserve’s test of whether the banks could weather a severe recession that included 13 percent unemployment, a 50 percent drop in stock markets and a 21 percent decline in housing prices. But what about customers of the thousands of other banks holding some 40 percent of U.S. deposits? Those banks weren’t part of the Fed’s latest round of stress tests, so are customers worried about the health of their banks? [More]


Key cost metrics for hot industries

If you’ve been wondering what fields might be fertile for a new business, a good place to start is the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ new employment projections for 2010 to 2020. Sageworks examined several businesses that entrepreneurs might consider as they look to tap into the trends cited in the government’s employment outlook. [More]


Private-company indicator launched in partnership with Fox Business

Tracking the financial performance of privately held companies in the U.S. just got easier.
Sageworks, a financial information company, today announced the release of the Sageworks-Fox Business Private Company Indicator. [More]


More like a lamb than a lion, but economy's improving

As March begins, the U.S. economy seems to be running more like a lamb than a lion, despite last week's upward revision of fourth-quarter GDP. Most economists expect slower growth in the current and coming quarters than the 3 percent annual rate in the fourth quarter (vs. an earlier estimate of 2.8 percent). [More]