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Poll: How much is thought leadership and content marketing used at your firm?

ProfitCents by Sageworks recently hosted a webinar, Content Marketing Strategies, which discussed how to effectively implement and use thought leadership in your accounting firm. Rob Nance, Director of Content Marketing & Consulting Services at Inovautus Consulting, explained ways to overcome the most common challenges in creating thought leadership. [More]


Business valuations: Opportunities for accountants

Less than a third of all family-owned businesses make it to the next generation, and a recent survey found 1 in 5 privately held businesses planned to transfer their ownership interest during the next 3 years. A lot of companies will or should be looking for an exit strategy, and as trusted business advisors, accountants offering business valuation services can help these clients and discover new revenue opportunities at the same time. [More]


1 Easy way to go from tax accountant to trusted advisor

Providing feedback is an easy way for accountants to offer value-added services that can deepen client relationships and help transform them from tax accountant to trusted advisor. This post explains how to provide feedback and plant a seed to grow your business.

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Poll: Do you currently have a specialty niche?

Nancy Fox recently hosted a webinar, Targeted Networking for Bigger and Better Lead Generation, which discussed how accountants can generate leads through in-person networking. Fox, Founder and President of The Business Fox, provides strategies for how to generate new leads.

During the presentation, finance professionals were polled on if they have a specialty niche. Almost 55% of respondents expressed that they do have an industry niche, while almost 45% expressed that they do not. [More]


Rethinking accounting marketing

In this brief video, President of bbr marketing Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk, discusses how marketing for accounting firms has changed over the years. Ruszczyk highlights that accounting marketing has shifted from an outbound marketing approach, such as telemarketing and print and radio ads, to an inbound approach including search engine optimization and blogging. She suggests the importance of having an interactive conversation with clients and new leads.



An accountant's checklist for client meetings

Building relationships with your accounting clients requires trust, rapport and an atmosphere for open dialogue. Many accounting firms use a checklist to prepare for client meetings and to facilitate information exchange. Here are some questions that many accountants who are clients of Sageworks have found helpful when interacting with their business clients.

How to deepen client relationships



How to ensure your accounting firm’s best busy season ever

It’s not too late to take some steps that will make this your best busy season ever. These steps can help you transition from a historically focused, compliance-based service model to one partnering in your clients’ future success, which can help your firm grow and attract quality staff. [More]


What is the best way for accountants to approach a prospective client?

In this brief video, Sageworks’ senior consultant Peter Brown discusses how accountants should approach a prospective client. Brown provides insight on the importance of developing relationships.

Client Service Plans [More]


What is the appropriate working capital for your clients' industry?

In this brief video, Sageworks’ senior consultant Peter Brown discusses positive versus negative working capital.



Is your accounting firm actively engaged on Linkedin?

Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk, president of bbr marketing, recently hosted Part I of a lead generation webinar series by Sageworks, How to Generate Leads through the Web. During the presentation, finance professionals were polled on if they are actively enaged on Linkedin. Almost 39% of respondents expressed that they are not enaged on Linkedin.