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What is your accounting firm’s plan post-tax season?

With spring comes the promise of warmer temperatures, irises and snapdragons, along with March Madness college basketball rivalries and the start of baseball season. While tax accountants may not be able to see the light at the end of the busy season tunnel yet, the spring is sure to come. And when it does, and the W-2s and I-9s stop flooding in, some accountants and firms may want to transition from compliance work to more value-added advisory services. [More]


What's ahead in 2015? 9 Trends accounting firms should look for in the New Year

No matter your goals, the New Year is an opportunity for a fresh start both personally and professionally. To set yourself up for success professionally, you must be willing to understand the importance of and deliver on new trends, needs and expectations. It is no different for accounting firms. [More]


How to cross-sell additional accounting services with ProfitCents

Clients of accounting services hold their accountants as one of their most trusted business advisors. This high level of confidence positions you, as a CPA, in a role where you can offer services beyond commodities such as bookkeeping and tax preparation. [More]


4 Ways to market your firm's niche

If your accounting firm doesn't have a formal marketing plan in place, you're not alone. Six out of seven accounting firms represented at a recent webinar hosted by Sageworks said their firms lack such a plan to guide their efforts to attract new business and bolster their reputation or brand. Of course, if your firm has, or is cultivating, an industry niche, you're already ahead of many other firms. You just have to take the next steps and let everyone know. [More]


How one accounting firm used ProfitCents to show clients the importance of value-added services

Nearly every firm has business clients who are interested in more services from their accountant. Almost two-thirds of clients are unaware of all services their accounting firm has to offer. Cross-selling value-added services will not only help you retain your current clients but also grow your business’s revenue. [More]


The 8 questions to picking an accounting niche

Once an accountant has taken the steps to identify niche market opportunities, it's now time to drill down and cultivate your own industry insights. By committing yourself and your team to learning everything you can about the industry you want to serve, any potential clients will see the value in working with someone that knows their business. [More]


3 Steps to becoming the Steve Jobs of accounting

Steve Jobs. Sergey Brin. Mark Zuckerberg. Each of these individuals, and their companies, are celebrated as changing the face of the technology. [More]


Poll: How much is thought leadership and content marketing used at your firm?

ProfitCents by Sageworks recently hosted a webinar, Content Marketing Strategies, which discussed how to effectively implement and use thought leadership in your accounting firm. Rob Nance, director of content marketing & cnsulting services at Inovautus Consulting, explained ways to overcome the most common challenges in creating thought leadership. [More]


Business valuations: Opportunities for accountants

Less than a third of all family-owned businesses make it to the next generation, and a recent survey found 1 in 5 privately held businesses planned to transfer their ownership interest during the next 3 years. A lot of companies will or should be looking for an exit strategy, and as trusted business advisors, accountants offering business valuation services can help these clients and discover new revenue opportunities at the same time. [More]


1 Easy way to go from tax accountant to trusted advisor

Providing feedback is an easy way for accountants to offer value-added services that can deepen client relationships and help transform them from tax accountant to trusted advisor. This post explains how to provide feedback and plant a seed to grow your business.

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